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Free mosquito ringtones for your cell phone in mp3

Here we give you some more free mosquito ringtones – all these mp3 sound files are of different frequencies, so you can test which of mosquito tones you are able to hear and choose that of the highest frequency.

The original mosquito sound was named so because it resembles that of a buzzing insect. The ultarsonic tone can only be heard by people aged 25 and under and it was invented to scare young people out of the shops as it is really annoying for the young ear.
Here we give you free mosquito ringtones of 12 different frequencies. Listen to the tones and choose the mosquito ringtone sample of the highest frequency you still hear.


Get the 8khz Mosquito tone

Get the 10khz Mosquito tone

Get the 12khz Mosquito tone

Get the 14.1khz Mosquito tone

Get the 14.9khz Mosquito tone

Get the 15.8khz Mosquito tone

Get the 16.7khz Mosquito tone

Get the 17.7khz Mosquito tone

Get the 18.8khz Mosquito tone

Get the 19.8khz Mosquito tone

Get the 21.1khz Mosquito tone

Get the 22.4khz Mosquito tone



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2008-03-06 it rocks for a science project!
by clairs

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